Forearm Muscle - Weak Point Training

Forearm Muscle - Weak Point Training

Many bodybuilders end up with a weakness in forearm muscle development because they don't train forearms right from the beginning of their bodybuilding workout. Another reason for forearms lagging behind, aside from the obvious one of bone structure, is failing to execute the forearm exercise correctly and in a strict enough manner. The more you isolate the forearms muscle and force them to do the movements without any help from the upper arms, the more your forearm muscles will respond. This means being very strict in your forearm workout.

It is also important to work the forearms muscle through a long range of motion. you need to lower the weight as far as possible, getting the maximum stretch, then come all the way back up to get a total contraction of the forearm muscles. Working through only three-quarters of the range of motion is not that beneficial because you already use the forearm muscle in a variety of other bodybuilding exercises.

Many bodybuilders forget that you can use the Shocking Principle to help develop your forearms, just as you can do it with other muscle groups. Every shock method that works with Curls will also work for Wrist Curls - forced reps, supersets, the stripping method, partial reps, and so on.

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