Forearm Muscle Training Tips

Forearm Muscle Training Tips

In your quest to develop the best physique possible, don't underestimate your need for powerful forearms muscle. They're the most important factor in your grip and lever strength for handling heavy weights. Keep these tips in mind while training them.

Beginners shouldn't worry about prioritizing body parts at this point; just lift to get big but make sure your exercises are all compound movements that involve many muscle groups in one repetition. Don't use lifting straps, and don't baby yourself: Advance your program quickly to four exercises, five sets each, 10 reps per set.

The forearms muscle need high reps to grow. Go for at least 25 and as many as 100. Don't stop when you feel the burn. That's when the set begins for your forearms muscle!

The forearms muscle training has remained the same since we started working out 10 years ago - heavy, basic free weights - but we have on occasion used machines to work around an injury. We don't use them to build muscle mass, but they do allow us to keep what we have during recovery. In that regard, we're glad they exist.

We pyramid our sets with each exercise, but quickly, beginning with 1-2 warm-up sets, then increase the weight through two more sets to our heaviest weight, with which we do three max sets.

We've never believed in backing off a body part if it overshadows another. Instead, we just work the smaller body part harder. When we started bodybuilding, our arms and delts muscle got so big they made our chest seem smaller by comparison, even though it was still full. We didn't panic. We knew that if we kept training everything as hard as we could, sooner or later it would all balance out.

We learned firsthand the value of family support. Encouragement from grandfather, father, mother, sister and friends fed our motivation to go far beyond where we probably would have been without them. The best reward is to know that others are getting satisfaction from your accomplishments.


Exercise                     Sets                    Reps

Radial Flexion                5                     25-100

Cybex Twist                 5                     25-100

Barbell Wrist Curl           5                     25-100

EZ-Bar Reverse Curl       5                     25-100

Reverse-Wrist Curl

      Behind Back            5                     25-100

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