EZ-Bar Reverse Curl

EZ-Bar Reverse Curl


EZ-Bar reverse curl is the classic exercise for cutting ropelike separations into the tops of your forearms muscle. Grip the cambered bar palms-down (reverse grip), then curl up to about the halfway point; that's the arc in which the greatest stress is placed on the upper forearms muscle.

Keep your upper arms stationary throughout the Ez-Bar reverse curl exercise. To concentrate on your upper-rear forearms muscle, keep your wrists locked; to concentrate on your upper-front forearms muscle, crimp your wrists upward as you curl.


When performing the reverse-wrist curl behind back workout, do remember to keep your arms locked as you curl the weight up and behind you. You will only be able to move it a few inches, but that is all you require to fry the forearms muscle - especially the portion closest to the wrist.

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