Delt Muscle Workout - Intermediate

Delt Muscle Workout - Intermediate

An intermediate bodybuilder has a different attitude: He attacks the weights with a competitive instinct and begins to lift heavier weight. While the movements are identical, you'll want to identify and work on the weakest of your three delt heads muscle first. That is a fundamental of bodybuilding.

Begin to develop the important mind-muscle link by bringing your head into the movement and concentrating specifically on the delt muscle. See and feel your delt muscle actually grow. Use a variety of machines, free weights and cables to add variety to your training, and make note of which give you the best pump for your delt muscle.

EXERCISE                                 SETS*                                   REPS

Front Shoulder Press                  4                                10-12

Side Lateral Raise                      3                                10-12

Alternate Front Raise                  3                                10-12

Reverse Pec Deck                       3                               10-12

Machine Shrug or Dumbbell           3                               10-12

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