Delt Muscle Workout - Beginner

Delt Muscle Workout - Beginner

Beginners to bodybuilding should do the same delt muscle workout that the pros do; the only differences are the weights and the level of intensity used. We're not kings up here with exclusive rights to the most effective delt muscle workout - you'll want to learn how to do the delt muscle workout just like the pros.

Since training is a new experience for your body, work on getting the form down first and use light weights with high reps. Machines are an ideal way to learn the feel of the delt muscle movement; once you do, begin using free weights and cables.

EXERCISE                                 SETS*                                   REPS

Front Shoulder Press                  3                               10-15

Side Lateral Raise                      2                               10-15

Alternate Front Raise                  2                               10-15

Reverse Pec Deck                       2                               10-15

Machine Shrug                           2                               10-15

* All sets include warm-ups.

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