Delt Muscle Workout - Advanced

Delt Muscle Workout - Advanced

Advanced bodybuilders must work on increasing their intensity, and that doesn't mean by simply doing more sets. For example, try doing a descending set where you do as many reps as you can at a given weight and then immediately reduce the weight by about 30% and reaping out.

Train your weakest delt muscle head first; don't blindly follow any bodybuilder's routine. Also stick with a routine that works as long as it gives your delt muscle a good pump; make changes when your body starts to go stale.

EXERCISE                                  SETS*                                    REPS

Reverse Pec Deck                      4                                10-12

Seated Machine Press                4-5                             10-12

Side Lateral Raise                      4                                10-15

Alternate Front Raise                  4                                10-15

Machine Shrug or Dumbbell          4-5                             10-12

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