Delt Muscle Training Tips

Delt Muscle Training Tips

Since three heads make up the shoulder muscle group, the best plan of attack delt muscle is to use a variety of exercises, each of which has a different emphasis.

Beginners should start with just two delt exercises - a double-joint pressing movement and a single-joint movement - and use them for several workouts with light weights until you have mastered good form. Once you are comfortable with these delt exercises, add other movements, being careful to do each correctly.

Gradually increase the weight to the point where you reach muscular failure at the upper end of the rep range. Never lift so heavy that you lose the feel of the delt muscle movement. While soreness is a sign that you're pushing your body, don't overdo it. The term "no pain, no gain" is better left to intermediate and advanced bodybuilders whose joints can better handle the stress.

To graduate from beginner to intermediate, we recommend that you do three delt muscle exercise in each workout, but try a variety of different delt exercises - including pressing and lateral movements and an exercise for the traps. Overload your delt muscles by continuing to add weight as you get stronger, which will make your delt muscles larger.

We usually do four exercises in our advanced delt exercises, but we rarely repeat the same workout on consecutive shoulder training days. Of the dozens of variations of laterals and presses, we may combine any number of them depending on how you feel and what part of the delt muscles we want to target.

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