Delt Muscle - Training Info

Delt Muscle - Training Info

When it comes to shoulder training, don't train them as a single unit. Even though all delt heads are involved to some degree in a given movement, break your training into three heads and start on your weakest head and focus your energy on it first.

Use a variety of equipment in your delt muscle training - machines, free weights, dumbbells - because you need to feel each movement .Some free-weight movements and machines hit the muscle at different angles. You cannot effectively and intensely target a large muscle with just one exercise. Find ways to hit it differently by experimenting with movements and angles. This will assure you of developing a more balanced muscle group.

While some bodybuilders make daily changes in their routines, remember to stick with what works for you. We won't change if it works - if we are still getting a great pump and we are not getting sterile. Once we begin to lose the edge, we will make some changes, which is about every couple of weeks or so.

Stocks with a narrow range of reps in each set. The delts muscle respond best to training in a rep range of 10-12. Very low reps and ultra high reps aren't going to build maximum size.

That's not to say we don't push heavier weights to promote delt muscle growth. We may use a weight that is extremely difficult and stick with it for a while. After a few weeks, you should be able to get the lift. Of course, the lift itself is not what we're after; pushing heavier weights with strict form over 10-12 reps build greater density and mass. Just remember to never sacrifice form because that's how you get hurt, especially with delts muscle.

A lot of the movements that we do aren't natural delt movements, which can injure the rotator cuff. To prevent the possibility of an injury, make sure we have warmed up the working muscle group. We no longer do the behind the neck press because of its severity. Imaging taking your rotator cuff and putting it into a position where it's most likely to pop out. Then add 300 pounds on top of it. We have learned too many stories of injuries and talked to too many chiropractors who tell us it's not a proper movement.

On occasion, we will use an intensity-building training technique with our partner. If we are feeling energetic, we may issue a challenge to our partner to do 20 reps instead of 10, which forces us to do 20 reps. We compete with each other, which makes for a killer training session.

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