The Serratus Muscles

The Serratus Muscles

The serratus muscles lie parallel to the ribs, coming out from under the lats and forward to tie into the pectorals and the intercostals and downward to the external obliques. When they are properly developed, these muscles look like fingers, with each digitation clearly defined and separated from the others. The serratus muscles are not like other muscles in that you don't measure their level of development with a tape measure; it is their visual impact that makes the difference.

Complete serratus development is important for a variety of reasons: it announces clearly that this bodybuilder has achieved real quality detail training; the serratus helps separate the lats from the chest and the obliques, and aids in making them appear much larger when seen from the front. Good serratus development also helps make you more symmetrical and athletic.

However, if you weren't born with great serratus development you can train for it by making a conscious effort to bring out these muscles.

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