Straight Arm Pec Deck

Straight Arm Pec Deck


Lots of bodybuilders love the pec deck as a finishing movement to their chest muscle routines. And it can be a great movement - if you do it right. Unfortunately, many are lessening the effectiveness of the movement when they move their upper torsos away from the vertical back pad and bend forward to squeeze the pads together.

Try the straight arm pec deck. Keep your back firmly against the vertical backrest. With the pads resting against the inside of your arms, fully extend each arm (which will be out to your sides when you begin the exercise) and keep them fully extended throughout the straight arm pec deck exercise. At the top of the movement (when the pads are directly in front of you), be sure to touch the pads together and hold the contraction for a count of two or three. No set rep range is used on this - just do as many reps as possible.

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