Standing Cable Crossovers

Standing Cable Crossovers

Standing Cable Crossovers : To build the inside of the chest muscles

1) To do the standing cable crossovers exercise from a standing position, take hold of handles attached by cables to overhead pulleys, step slightly forward of the line directly between the pulleys, and extend your arms almost straight out either side.

2) Bend forward slightly from the waist, then bring your hands around and forward in a big hugging motion, elbows slightly bent, feeling the chest muscles contracting.

3) When your hands come together in the center don't stop - cross one hand over the other and contract your chest muscles as much as you can while performing the standing cable crossovers workout.

4) On each repetition of standing cable crossovers exercise, alternate which hand crosses over the other.

Doing a standing cable crossovers using cables to provide resistance is a specialized exercise that works the center of the chest muscles and brings out those impressive cross striations, as well as develop the middle and lower chest muscles.

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