Serratus Muscles - Training

Serratus Muscles - Training

Since a basic function of the serratus is to pull the shoulder forward and down, you train the serratus muscles whenever you do movements like Chins, Close-Grip Pull downs, various kinds of Dumbbell and Barbell Pullovers, and when you use the Nautilus Pullover machine.

There are, however, two training that work the serratus muscles more specifically and that you can use if you have a weak point in this area: Rope Pulls and One-Arm Cable Pulls. In both cases, you have to do the movement as strictly as possible to get the maximum effect.

Working the chest and back with Chins and Pullovers, you will have already done some serratus work. This is the time to consciously isolate the serratus muscles, to concentrate on making theses muscles born. It is not enough just to throw in a few sets for the serratus any more than for abs, calves, or intercostals. You need to train each muscle with maximum intensity if you want a complete and quality physique.

Pullovers can be used to develop the serratus as well as the pectorals muscles. For serratus, do the regular pullover movement, but concentrate on making the serratus muscles do a maximum amount of pulling.

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