Rope Pulls

Rope Pulls

Rope Pulls : To build the serratus muscles

1) Kneel on the floor holding on to ropes attached to a cable and overhead pulley.

2) Keeping your arms extended above you, curl your body forward and down, pulling with the lats when performing rope pulls exercise.

3) Continue the rope pulls motion until your head is almost touching your thighs.

4) Bring your elbows down to the floor, pulling with the elbows.

5) Release, uncurl, and come back up to the starting position, straightening your arms and feeling the stretch in your lats.

6) You need to be very strict with rope pulls exercise, not try for maximum weight.

7) Try to make the serratus really burn by the end of the rope pulls workout and you'll be feeling it in your abdominals as well.

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