Pec Deck Machine


Pec Deck Machine


Flyes are an isolation movement in which you train the pecs without the involvement of the triceps muscle. A lot of bodybuilders do flyes using dumbbells, but now we use a pec deck machine to lessens the stress on our joints and connective tissues. We can still work heavy and intensely on a pec deck machine with very little risk and still get satisfactory results to build our chest muscle.

Sit on the pec deck machine and grab the handles. Bring your hands together in front of you by squeezing your chest muscle; keep your elbows up. Hold the peak contraction at the top of the movement for a second, giving the pecs an extra crunch. As you release, keep the weight under control and slowly let your elbows go back until the pecs are fully stretched. Keep the reps high on this exercise with pec deck machine.

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