Machine Presses

Machine Presses

Machine Presses : To work the pectoral muscles. One of the advantages of doing presses on a machine is that the machine stays in a certain groove, precluding any need for spending energy on balance and coordination. This is especially beneficial for people rehabbing a shoulder injury. Also, using a machine, your workout partner can push down on the mechanism to allow you to do heavy forced negative repetitions. However, being forced to stay in that groove somewhat limits the stimulation to the muscles.

Flat Bench Machine Presses : The pectoral station of most machines is constructed to give you a flat bench press movement.

Incline Machine Presses : Using an incline bench and a smith machine, you can mimic certain angles of the free-weight movement in a very strict manner.

Decline Machine Presses : A decline bench on a smith machine effectively allows you to press at a decline angle.

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