Hanging Serratus Crunches

Hanging Serratus Crunches

Hanging Serratus Crunches : To isolate and develop the serratus muscles.

1) Hold on to a chinning bar with a palms-forward grip. (using lifting straps will take some of the strain off your hands and wrists)

2) Slowly swing your legs up and to one side, feeling the serratus muscles stretch fully on one side and contract to the maximum on the other.

3) Slowly came back to the center, then repeat the hanging serratus crunches movement to the other side.

4) Concentrate on trying to get the maximum stretch possible and on executing the movement just with the serratus, isolating these muscles as much as possible.

5) Hanging serratus crunches exercise calls for complete control and strict technique. Bring your legs deliberately to each side; do not swing them back and forth like a pendulum.

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