Hanging Dumbbell Rows

Hanging Dumbbell Rows

Hanging Dumbbell Rows : To develop the serratus muscles.

1) Using a pair of gravity boots, hang upside down from a chinning bar.

2) Take a dumbbell in each hand and let the weights hang down below you, feeling the serratus muscles stretch to their maximum when performing the hanging dumbbell rows exercise.

3) Concentrating on using the serratus muscles in isolation as much as possible, lift the dumbbells up in front of you.

4) As you lift, your elbows come toward the front, not out to the side.

5) Hold at the point of maximum serratus contraction, then lower the dumbbells slowly back to the starting position, feeling the serratus muscles stretch once more. During the hanging dumbbell rows movement, be sure to keep your elbows and the dumbbells as close to your body as possible.

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