Dumbbell Flys

Dumbbell Flys

Dumbbell Flys : To build the mass of the chest muscles

1) Lie on a bench holding dumbbells at arm's length above you, palms facing each other.

2) Lower the weights out and down to either side in a wide arc as far as you can, feeling the chest muscles stretch to their maximum.

3) The palms should remain facing each other throughout the dumbbell flys exercise.

4) Bend the arms slightly as you do the movement to reduce the stress on the elbows.

5) Bring the weights to a complete stop at a point in line with the bench, your chest muscles stretched as much as possible, then lift them back up along the same wide arc, as if giving somebody a big bear hug, rather than coming in and pressing the weights up.

6) Bring the weight back up to the starting position of dumbbell flys and then contract the chest further, giving a little extra flex to make the chest muscles work that much harder.

The function of the chest muscles is basically to pull the arms and shoulders inward across the body, and this is exactly what you do using a dumbbell flys movement.

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