Decline Barbell Press for Lower Chest

Decline Barbell Press for Lower Chest


Declines are a great low-pec developer. The trouble is that most bodybuilders do them incorrectly by lowering the bar only to the lower chest and not to the top of the upper chest. (When performing the decline barbell press exercise, make sure you have a spotter or do them on the Smith machine.)

To do the decline barbell press exercise to target the lower chest correctly, take a grip on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Simultaneously bring your elbows downward and back as you lower the bar to upper chest/ lower-neck level. Make sure the bar touches the very top of your upper chest muscle.

You will have to reduce the weight you usually lift when doing the decline barbell press for lower chest exercise - probably by 50%! That's okay, because now you'll be doing the movement correctly for maximal fiber stretch and activation, which translates into greater results. Do 8-12 reps.

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