Chest Muscle - Weak Point Training

Chest Muscle - Weak Point Training

As with any other muscle group, once you have been workout for a while you are likely to notice that some areas of the chest muscles are developing better and more rapidly than others. To correct this imbalance, you need to alter your chest muscle training program and include more exercises to stimulate the pectorals that are lagging behind. List of exercises for improving each area of the chest muscle, though no exercise works in complete isolation:


Upper Pectorals

- Incline Presses with a barbell or dumbbells or Smith Machine

- Incline Flys


Lower Pectorals

- Decline Presses with a barbell or dumbbells or machines

- Dips

- Decline Flys

- Cable Flys


Inner Chest

- Cable Crossovers

- Presses of Flys holding the contraction at top for several seconds

- Bench Presses done with narrow grip


Outer Chest

- Dumbbell Flys concentrating on full stretch and lower range of motion

- Dips

- Incline Presses and Bench Presses done with a wide grip and lower three-quarter


- Dumbbell Flys

- Dumbbell Bench Presses stretching at bottom, coming up only three-quarters of the way

   and not letting dumbbells touch

- Incline Presses with bar


Rib Cage

- Dumbbell and Barbell Pullovers

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