Chest Muscle Workout - Intermediate

Chest Muscle Workout - Intermediate

The most important aspect of intermediate training for chest muscle is to begin to increase weights as much as possible while continuing to train your chest muscle with strict technique. This is a stage where most hard trainers will experience good muscle gains, so don't be afraid to push yourself : Once you can do 10 reps with a given weight, add 5-10% more to your lift. But don't get sloppy; keep the weight under full control at all times. In this stage, your strength and neuromuscular coordination make it a good time to learn how to use dumbbells and build up your chest muscle.

Exercises                                 SETS*                                   REPS

Chest Incline Barbell Press         4                                 8-10

Chest Dumbbell Press               4                                  8-12

Chest Pec Deck                       3                                 15

* Does not include warm-up sets with light weights and high reps.

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