Chest Muscle Workout - Beginner

Chest Muscle Workout - Beginner

Your primary goals when you first begin chest workout should be to get your chest muscle into shape for more intense workouts and to learn how to do each chest exercise correctly and under full control. Start with very light weights and higher reps that allow you to get the feel of the chest muscle movement before tackling heavier poundages. Pyramid your chest training by increasing the weight on successive sets. Rank beginner's may want to start with a Smith machine bench press, which controls the direction of the barbell, before doing a regular bench press for your chest workout.

EXERCISE                                 SETS*                                   REPS

Chest Bench Press                    4                                 8-12

Chest Pec Deck                        3                                 15

* Does not include warm-up sets with light weights and high reps.

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