Chest Muscle Workout - Advanced

Chest Muscle Workout - Advanced

A number of bodybuilders pyramid their chest muscle training so that they go from low weight with high reps to heavy weight with low reps. This is a great training technique, especially for beginners and intermediate. We use it to some extent, but we believe in learning to train heavy and keeping your reps up as high as possible at the same time to build your chest muscle.

Starting out with a moderate weight and doing fairly high reps, and then gradually increasing the weight as you get stronger over time - but continue to train with high reps. This is an application of the principle of specificity of chest muscle training: You make improvements at whatever you specifically train for.

We don't do every set with high reps, but we train heavy in some sets and still achieve a respectable number of reps. This isn't something you can start out doing or learn to do overnight, but if you give yourself time and gradually increase weight as your strength develops without dropping your reps too low, you can eventually achieve your goal to build your chest muscle .

EXERCISE                                 SETS*                                   REPS

Chest Incline Barbell Press         5                                   5-25

Chest Dumbbell Press                5                                   8-15

Chest Dipping                           4                                 15-20

Chest Pec Deck                         3                                    15

* Does not include warm-up sets with light weights and high reps.

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