Chest Muscle Train the Weak Point

Chest Muscle Train the Weak Point

When you have a weak point in chest development, train your pectorals according to the Priority Principle, doing the exercise for that weak area first, when you are fresh and at your strongest. We would begin our pectoral exercise with barbell incline presses followed by dumbbell incline presses to really hit this area. Only then, we would go to regular bench presses and the rest of our chest routine.

But there are times when this kind of specialized weak point training is not justified. For example, if you have problems with the inner pectoral, we would not recommend starting out your routine with an exercise like cable crossovers. Instead, try to work on this area as you are doing the rest of your chest workout - perhaps locking out all of your pressing movements, and really tensing and contracting the inner pecs. Then, at the end of your workout, you could add on some extra cable crossovers or other exercises specifically designed to hit the inner chest.

The same thing can be done for outer chest development. You can emphasize this area during your routine by lowering the weights a few inches farther when doing dumbbell flys and by getting the fullest possible stretch with other pectoral exercises. You don't have to schedule specific outer pectoral exercises at the top of your routine in order to deal with this weak point the way you would if your problem was the upper, lower, or middle chest. The most adjustment we would recommend for pectoral weak points would be to widen your grip while doing bench presses in order to hit the outer pecs or use a narrow grip to work the inside pecs harder.

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