Chest Muscle - Posing and Flexing

Chest Muscle - Posing and Flexing

On heavy days especially, we always include a great deal of chest muscle posing and flexing along with heavy weight training. Hitting a lot of side chest shots and most muscular poses along with intense training is the best way we know to bring out pectoral striations. We've seen a lot of bodybuilders try to create these striations by artificial means - dehydrating themselves with diuretics, example - but it just never looks as good as the results you get form hard training, posing and flexing.

Learning to pose the chest muscle properly takes a lot of practice. When you do a side chest shot, a front double biceps, a most muscular, or a front lat shot, in each shot the chest is posed differently and you need to practice each of these poses separately to get the effect you want. For a front double biceps, you need to pose with your shoulders forward to create that sweeping line of the chest from sternum to deltoid; in the side chest shot, you need to keep the shoulder down and lift the chest to make it look high and full. Flexing the chest muscle as you train it is the only way to create maximum pectoral definition - and endless hours of posing practice is the only method that will give you total control of your physique for presentation.

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