Chest Muscle Disappear ?

Chest Muscle Disappear ?

If your chest muscle just seem to disappear when you raise your arms over your head, we recommend doing a series of Incline Dumbbell Presses at a variety of angle, starting out almost flat and going up until you are almost doing a Shoulder Press. This will produce the kind of total development that gives you impressive chest even when your arms are raised or when doing a front double-biceps shot.

There are exercises you might do for your chest muscle weak point training that you would never do in a normal workout if you weren't trying to overcome a problem. This is why we caution young bodybuilders against simply copying what they see a champion doing in the gym. He may be doing some sort of One-Arm Cable Lateral motion at a special angle in order to deal with a weak point. If you assume that exercise is a standard one and include it in your regular routine, you might end up wasting a lot of time and energy and holding back your overall progress.

Remember, even when doing chest muscle weak point training, don't totally neglect any area of the muscle group. However, you can cut down on the number of exercises that work a strong area while adding extra movements to work a weak point.

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