Chest Muscle Development

Chest Muscle Development

A really deep, well develop chest muscle is one of the most important requirement in a bodybuilder's physique. To achieve this requires training with a variety of exercises - to develop the upper and lower pectorals, the inside and outside pectorals, and the tie-ins to the deltoids, and to expand the entire rib cage to show off the pectoral muscles to their advantage.

But perfecting the chest muscle is more difficult than many bodybuilders believe. You can have a huge rib cage, thick pectoral muscles, but this will not guarantee a perfect chest. Chest perfection, especially if you are interested in competition, involves the following :

1. A great rib cage

2. Thick pectoral (chest) muscles

3. Development of the inside, outside, upper, and lower areas of the pectorals (chest muscles).

4. Visible striations when the pectorals are flexed, such as in a most muscular shot, with the striations showing from the middle of the rib cage all the way across and from top to bottom.

5. A clear separation of upper and lower pectorals

6. A shape that gives a nice square look, achieved by a lot of upper pectoral development, rather than one in which the chest muscle seems simply to be hanging down.

7. Sufficient development so that the pectorals don't totally disappear when you lift your arms over your head or do a front double biceps shot.

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