Chest Muscle - Competition Program

Chest Muscle - Competition Program

As you prepare for bodybuilding competition, you need to concern yourself with even more specific details - things that you would hardly notice during your bodybuilding workout may suddenly become your major weak points.

We have seen bodybuilders hitting a side chest pose and showing striations in the inner pecs, but not farther up on the chest. This kind of detail can make a big difference in a close contest. It is best for these bodybuilders to superset incline presses (with a barbell or dumbbells) with cable crossovers to rectify this chest muscle's weakness.

The competition program for the chest muscles is designed on a push-pull basis, combining movements for chest and back done as supersets and trisets. Combining these exercises gives you a tremendous pump, and will really blast your chest muscles and give them the size, shape, definition, and tie-ins you need for successful competition.

Supersets like weighted chins plus incline bench presses, flat bench presses plus wide grip chins, and dumbbell flys plus bent-over barbell rows keep the back and chest muscle pumped at the same time and allow you to train pectorals and lats each in turn - muscles which work in opposition to each other - so that one has a chance to rest while the other does a set. And since you are dealing with opposing muscles, every set for the back helps stretch the pectorals while they are recuperating for the next chest set.

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