Building an Olympia Sized Chest

Building an Olympia Sized Chest

  • Our style of chest muscle training should be called one all-out set, inclusive of forced reps and negatives, per chest exercise (after pyramiding up with lighter weights to warm the chest muscle). We do four exercises for our chest muscle, so we actually perform four all-out sets for this one body part.

  • Our one all-out set incorporates a forced rep or two for all exercises. Occasionally we'll do a negative rep if the spirit moves us.

  • For faster chest muscle progress, get a good training partner. We certainly couldn't have achieved our degree of development without one. A spotter not only assists you on heavy lifts but lets you include forced reps and negatives in your chest muscle training.

  • Our chest routine takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. Still, we never rush a set. Going too quickly from set to set, exercise to exercise, cuts into the amount of poundage you can handle. Don't sacrifice weight for speed; bodybuilding isn't a race. On the other hand, don't wait too long because the muscle may cool down, possibly inviting injury.

  • We train in low rep ranges and attempt to keep our poundages up. We might lose 10% of our top weights during the final month precontest, perhaps even a rep or two. During that time, keeping our protein up and our training poundages relatively heavy enables us to keep our hard-earned muscle mass.

  • We build our mass with basic barbell and dumbbell movements and an explosive style of training. Beginners and intermediates would be well-advised to do likewise. Although we've encountered some injuries in the past few years, this shouldn't obscure the fact that we built our chest muscle without many machines.

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