Barbell Flat Bench Presses

Barbell Flat Bench Presses

Barbell Flat Bench Presses : To develop mass and strength in the chest muscles, front delts, and triceps.

1) Lie on a flat bench, your feet on the floor for balance. Your grip should be medium wide (which means that as you lower the bar to your chest, your hands should be wide enough apart so that your forearms point straight up, perpendicular to the floor).

2) Lift the bar off the rack and hold it at arm's length above you.

3) Lower the bar slowly and under control until it touches just below the chest muscles. Keep the elbows pointed outward in order to fully involve the chest muscle. The bar should come to a complete stop at this point.

4) Press the bar upward once more until your arms are fully locked out. Always go through a full range of motion unless instructed specifically to do otherwise.

Barbell Flat Bench Presses is a fundamental compound exercise for the upper body. It produces growth, strength, and chest muscle density, not only for the chest muscles but for the front deltoids and triceps as well.

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