Training the Arms Muscle

Training the Arms Muscle

Training the Arms Muscle. Along with the chest and back muscle, bodybuilders have always considered massive arms as the most impressive body part, an indicator of truly outstanding size and strength. When we began our bodybuilding training we would study photographs of bodybuilders, and what drew our attention most was the huge biceps.

There is one great advantage when it comes to training arms. Because muscles and big arms are so closely associated, it is not difficult to get yourself mentally into arm training. If you go into any serious gym around the country you will probably see young bodybuilders who are just beginning to show overall signs of competition potential, but who already have made great strides in arms muscle development.

One of the reasons this happens is that bodybuilders, especially when starting out train the arms muscle according to the Priority Principle, whether they know it or not. They train arms first, with great concentration and energy. they flex and pose them all the time, measuring arms muscle constantly to see if they have made any progress, so naturally they grow. If they thought the same way about their other body parts, we no doubt would see a lot of them walking around with 20-inch calves as well as huge arms.

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