Standing Barbell Curls Guides

Standing Barbell Curls Guides

STANDING BARBELL CURLS : Learn the correct guides and workout method to build your biceps muscles

  1. To build maximum biceps mass and work the total surface of the biceps muscles, do Standing Barbell Curls with your hands shoulder width apart. Notice how this puts the shoulders, arms and hands in a straight line.

  2. The correct beginning position for Standing Barbell curls: standing upright, elbows at sides, arms fully extended to stretch out the biceps muscles.

  3. The correct finishing position for Standing Barbell Curls: the body upright without swaying, the elbows fixed at the sides. This strict form forces the biceps muscles to do all the work, without any help from the back or the shoulders. Notice too that when you hold your elbows steady your arms are still at an angle at the top of the movement rather than straight up and down. This means that the biceps muscles are still doing the work of supporting the weight, instead of resting while the bones and joints do the work.

  4. Notice what happens when you lift the elbows during the Standing Barbell Curls. Instead of isolating and really working the biceps muscles, you are involving the front deltoids, which defeats the purpose of Standing Barbell Curls exercise.

  5. Another problem that develops when you lift your elbows during the Standing Barbell Curls instead of keeping them fixed by your sides: At the end position of the Barbell Curls movement, the forearms are straight up and down, meaning that the bones are bearing the weight of the bar and the biceps muscles are not doing any work at all.

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