Standing Barbell Curl

Standing Barbell Curl

STANDING BARBELL CURL : Develop the overall size of the biceps muscle.

This is the most basic and popular of biceps exercises.

This biceps muscle exercise invites poor form, so use manageable instead of Herculean weights. With a waist width grip on the bar, lock your wrists into position and your elbows into your sides, then curl the barbell all the way up under control to a full contraction. Feel the squeeze for a moment in your biceps muscle before slowly lowering the weight when performing the standing barbell curl workout.

When you can no longer get the barbell all the way up, you may gradually feed in some body thrust, but only to push it through the sticking point. Never swing the barbell. We have our training partner to help us after we reach failure, but our partner assists only enough to get the bar to the top. We then lower it as slowly as we can. Remember , do not cheat your movement during the standing barbell curl exercise.


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