Spider Bench Curl

Spider Bench Curl

Most spider benches nowadays are used for supported T-bar rowing. You can also use an incline bench set at a fairly low angle to perform the Spider Bench Curl.

  • Lie high enough on the bench so that you can curl the weight up without hitting the top of the bench. Once in position, have a partner give you an EZ-bar (or barbell). Try a variety of grip widths to hit slightly different areas of the biceps muscle during the spider bench curl.

  • On one set, keep your upper arms completely vertical as you raise and lower the weight. On your next set, allow your elbows to come forward as you curl the weight. Still another variation: Bring your elbows in. Make note of how each feels.

  • If you allow your head to drop as you curl the weight, you can bring the weight up even farther - behind your head - for a super contraction for your spider bench curl workout.

  • Try using dumbbells for an entirely different feeling.

  • Lower the weight slowly and fully extend your arms

  • Do not cheat your movements here; keep it strict.

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