Preacher Curls

Preacher Curls

Preacher Curls : To work the biceps muscle especially the lower end.

Preacher curls is especially good for anyone who has space between the lower biceps and the elbow joint, to help fill in and shape the biceps muscles. Preacher curls are an even stricter workout than regular barbell curls.

1) Position yourself with your chest against the bench, your arms extending over it.

2) This puts the arms at an angle, which transfers additional stress to the lower area of the biceps muscle.

3) Take hold of a barbell with an underlined grip when performing the preacher curls exercise.

4) Holding your body steady, curl the bar all the way up and then lower it again to full extension, resisting the weight on the way down.

You can use an e-z curl bar for preacher curls movement, or even use the bench for One-Arm Dumbbell Curls. Don't lean back as you lift the bar, and deliberately flex the muscle extra hard as you come to the top of the preacher curls movement, where there is little actual stress on the biceps muscles.

Preacher Cable Curls combine the strictness of the preacher bench with the strictness that comes from the steady resistance provided by a cable.

Doing Preacher Curls with a cable gives the biceps resistance even on the top. (With dumbbells, or barbells, the resistance is mostly on the bottom.) Therefore, doing the exercise with a cable helps you to add peak contraction to your biceps workout.

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