Machine Curls

Machine Curls

Machine Curls : To work the biceps muscle through the longest range of motion possible.

When you do curls on a machine, the movement becomes extremely strict and you are able to contract against resistance over the longest range of motion possible, from the point of full extension to that of a biceps full peak contraction. Because of this, machine curls are a shaping, finishing exercise rather than one designed to build mass.

There are a wide variety of curl machines found in gyms. With some, the resistance is provided by loading the curl machines with weight plates, while others use a cable attached to a weight stack. With many curl machines you grasp a bar and curl both arms simultaneously. With others you can either curl your arms simultaneously or, use the machine to do alternate curls.

1) When doing curls on any machine, position yourself with your elbows on the pad and grasp the bar or the handles with an underhand grip.

2) For two handed curls, contract the biceps muscles and curl both arms as far as possible, feeling a full peak contraction at the top, then extend downward under full control to a point of full extension.

3) For alternate curls, contract one arm to a point of peak contraction, extend it downward under full control to a point of full extension, then do the same with the other arm, and continue to alternate the two arms until your set is complete.

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