Lying Overhead Cable Curl

Lying Overhead Cable Curl

Lying overhead cable curl is a great peaking movement popular among many past bodybuilding champs. You'll like the smoothness and even tension on the biceps muscle from start to finish. Use a handle with a rotating sleeve, preferably a curved one for a better grip. Additional tips to follow:

  • Position a flat bench directly under a high pulley. Your head goes closest to the cable.

  • Extend your arms straight up so that your upper arms are nearly parallel to the cable support column. Lock your upper arms in this position throughout the lying overhead cable curl exercise.

  • Curl the bar toward and just behind your head; this will put the biceps muscle in the fully contracted position.

  • Forcefully contract and squeeze your biceps muscle for one count.

  • Slowly bring the bar up and fully extend your arms for a complete lying overhead cable curl stretch.

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