Lying Dumbbell Curls

Lying Dumbbell Curls

Lying Dumbbell Curls : To build the entire biceps muscles throughout a maximal range of motion.

1) Use an exercise bench and, if possible, place the bench on blocks to raise it higher off the ground.

2) Lie on your back on the bench, a dumbbell in each hand, your knees bent and feet flat on the bench.

3) Let the dumbbells hang down (don't touch the floor) and turn your palms forward when performing the lying dumbbell curls exercise.

4) With your elbows steady, curl the weights up toward the shoulders, keeping the lying dumbbell curls movement very strict.

5) Lower the dumbbell back toward the floor, resisting the weight all the way down.

Lying dumbbell curls is an exercise which is particularly effective because it gives a great biceps stretch and helps lengthen the muscle. Also, due to the angle, the biceps muscles contract fully to offset the pull of gravity.

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