Lying Cable Curl

Lying Cable Curl

Lying cable curl allows you to hit your biceps muscle from a new angle and is especially effective over the bottom third of the range of motion. Momentum is also minimized since you're lying on the floor.

Ever see a water-skier waiting in position, ski tips up and leaning back? That's a lot like how you start the lying cable curl workout. Sit down in front of a weight stack with a curved bar (in a rotating sleeve) attached to the low cable. Keep your body square - the cable should follow your midline - and lie back.

  • Allow your arms to fully extend before beginning the lying cable curl workout.

  • With your elbows raised above your upper torso, curl the weight and bring the bar back toward your face until your biceps muscle are fully contracted.

  • Experiment with elbow angle and the best distance to bring the bar back so that you can maximally contract your biceps muscle.

  • Slowly lower the weight until your arms are fully extended. Keep your elbows above your upper torso from start to finish during the lying cable curl workout.

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