Intensity Arm Training Workout

Intensity Arm Training Workout

The double split includes training one body part heavy in the morning and doing an intensity workout for another in the evening. After three days, reverse the order so that all the muscle groups get one heavy and one intensity workout over a six-day period. This cycle not only builds mass, but etches deeper muscularity into the muscles.

Among the guidelines to follow for intensity arm-training workouts are :

  • Forget about using heavy weights. The biceps is a small muscle, and going heavy invites bringing the lower back and shoulders into the movement. Focus on the sensation and really concentrate.

  • Start off with a superset of triceps and biceps exercises. you may combine any two exercises using free weights, machines or cables with the various techniques to make any one of a thousand such combinations. Don't be afraid to experiment, but if you don't feel the muscular sensation you're looking for, change the techniques or exercises. Some intensity techniques work better with some muscle groups than others.

  • Try supersets, tri-sets, partial reps, descending sets, rest-pause, even cheating. Use them all in the arm workout, one after another. Target the weak points.

  • Forget about counting reps - they don't matter. Go for the pain - go for the mind muscle connection.

  • By going intense right from the start, you'll get that elusive pump very quickly. Work your arms hard and you'll get the workout completed fast.

  • Never rest between sets. Alternately stretch the biceps and the triceps, one arm at a time. The muscles are either in a state of contraction or are being stretched.

  • This is a hard workout to do - let alone repeat - because it requires far more mental intensity. Be a tiger when you hit the gym!

  • Feel the pleasure of the pain and let the pump determine the quality of your workout.

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