Biceps Muscles - Weak Point Training

Biceps Muscles - Weak Point Training

Even if you have do everything we have outlined in, and more, you may still find that certain areas of the biceps muscles are relatively less well developed than others.

In general, when you are trying to build up a weak area of the biceps muscles, the best technique you can employ is one-arm dumbbell exercises. Doing an entire set with just one arm at a time allows for maximum concentration and intensity, and ensures that each arm works to its maximum. This keeps a stronger biceps muscles from overshadowing the weaker, which can result in asymmetrical arm development. Also, be sure to twist the wrist during the movement for total biceps muscles contraction.

However, we believe one major reason bodybuilders show weak points in the biceps muscles is that they do the exercises incorrectly. You need to master proper technique - keeping the elbows steady, lowering the weight rather than dropping it, employing as many Shocking Principles as possible - and then you will be much less likely to have problems in this area.

We see a lot of bodybuilders using their forearms when they do curls, starting the motion with a kind of wrist curl which takes away from the effectiveness of the exercise. Or they will do a curl and, at the top, instead of flexing their biceps muscles - to maintain maximal tension - they will just throw the weight back toward their shoulders, leaving the biceps muscles loose and not working at all. Instead using the peak contraction principle - flexing the biceps muscles as hard as possible when you get to the top of the curl.

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