Biceps Muscles - Mass, Length, Thickness

Biceps Muscles - Mass, Length, Thickness

Biceps Muscles : Build Mass

Heavy barbell curls and cheat curls. Muscle size comes from lifting heavy weights. If you can curl 120 pounds and you train up to the point where you can curl 140 pounds, your biceps muscles are going to get bigger. Try using visualization technique to imagine your biceps muscles growing to gigantic size.

The longer and thicker your biceps muscles, the better they will look when you hold your arm straight out, and the bigger and higher they will be when you curl and flex your arm in a biceps shot.

Biceps Muscles : Build Length and Thickness

Curls that concentrate on the lower third of the range of motion Incline or Prone Curls to stretch the biceps muscles to their maximum strict movements, like Preacher Curls or Curls with the Arm Blaster, to lock your elbow and allow you to get the fullest extension of the biceps muscles.

After completion of each set of Dumbbell Curl exercise, rotate the wrists 180 degrees 5 or 6 times.


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