Biceps Muscles - Height, Mass, Outer Thickness

Biceps Muscles - Height, Mass, Outer Thickness

Biceps Muscles : Build Height

1) Concentration curls with a dumbbell or cable.

2) Dumbbell movements emphasizing a twist of the wrist (turning the thumb outward) as you raise the weight, making certain you concentrate on the top third of the range of motion.

3) Use the peak contraction principle - flexing the biceps muscles as hard as possible at the top of the movement - and do a series of contractions and relaxation.

4) Keep going until you get a tremendous pump.

5) Include burns in your biceps workout - finishing off by bringing up the weight and fully contracting the biceps muscles, then bringing the weight down a third of the way, then back up to another full contraction. Do 3 or 4 reps of this movement and then put the weight down and pose and flex your biceps muscles.

Biceps Muscles : Build Mass and Outer Thickness

1) Curls done inward toward the center of the body, such as Close-Grip Barbell Curls or Close-Grip Preacher Bench Curls.

2) Concentration Curls that bring the weight into your chest.

Thickness in the biceps muscles is important, but height is a quality that is often overlooked. Well developed outer biceps muscles allow you to hit a number of poses effectively. To get this kind of development you need to work the biceps muscles from all angles.

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