Biceps Muscles- Competition Program

Biceps Muscles- Competition Program

At each training program, you are required to do something extra, to continue to overload and demand more from the biceps muscles. This principle is even more important when you are training your arms for competition. One good way of increasing the intensity of your biceps training is by doing alternate dumbbell curls instead of barbell curls. In this way you are able to isolate each biceps, and concentrate all your energy on each arm in turn. Because of the way the biceps exercise is done - with one arm coming up as the other is going down - you are able to achieve a much stricter movement with very little cheating. You can increase intensity by going farther and locking in the elbows by doing preacher curls, which force you to work in a stricter manner while hitting the lower biceps to a greater degree.

The degree of time intensive training program you need for competition preparation is greater than ever before, involving trisets - three exercises in a row without any stopping to rest in between. This will be difficult at first, but as your conditioning increases you will find this accelerated program gives you a tremendous pump and allows you to do an enormous amount of training in a very short time.

Above all, you need to employ as many techniques as possible to shock the biceps muscles into further development. We always liked, for example, to do barbell curls with a partner, we would do a set, hand the weight immediately to our partner to do his set, have our partner hand it back to us immediately for our next set, and so on until exhaustion.

For total competition development, we made sure we did a lot of single sets, supersets, and trisets with a large variety of exercises - a set of biceps once an hour every hour the day before a contest; cheating reps, partial reps; forced reps; negative reps; curls to the inside. Curls to the outside - nothing left out, nothing left to chance.

We attacked our biceps for competition with the stripping method, but also with 21s, combining a lot of partial reps and full reps, and supersetting one biceps exercise with another as well as supersetting biceps with triceps, or biceps with whatever.

You need to used a lot of visualization in biceps training. In your mind you saw your biceps as mountains, enormously huge, and you pictured yourselves lifting tremendous amounts of weight with these superhuman masses of muscle.

This kind of intense training will ensure that you build enough mass in the biceps muscles; that you gain biceps length, thickness, and height; that you develop the inside and outside of the biceps and separation between biceps and deltoids and between biceps and triceps - all of which you have to have if you want to build a championship physique.

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