Biceps - Forgotten Exercises

 Biceps - Forgotten Exercises

Who doesn't want big biceps? To build biceps muscle, we do hope that you're doing more than standing barbell curls, because it is very hard to build an impressive arm muscle by just relying on only one main exercise to build up your biceps muscle , again never rely on a single workout method. So let's talk about those tips which can help to build a truly monstrous-sized arms .

Here's some advice on reps: Do mass-building movements at the beginning of your biceps routine and keep reps in the 6-10 range. Do isolation and peaking exercises with lighter weights toward the end of your biceps workout in the 8-12 rep range. But don't get hung up on numbers, like doing all sets to 10 reps. Take some to 20, others to five. Keep mixing it up.

Try out these often "forgotten" workout - sure fire hope for puny arms :

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