Biceps - Cheat Curls

Biceps - Cheat Curls

Cheat Curls are one of the biceps exercises where cheating can be used effectively. Curls are essentially a rotary movement, yet the resistance of the weight works vertically. In other words, you are lifting with a circular motion but gravity continues to pull the weight straight down. Sometimes during the curls movement you are lifting out, other time lifting up, but the resistance is always up and down. So you are not continuously lifting in direct opposition to the weight. This makes the curls exercise less effective in certain parts of the movement.

The designers of curls machines state that their equipment, which acts with a rotary rather than linear motion, is better for doing curls than barbells or dumbbells. However, you don't need a complicated machine to overcome this difficulty. Instead, you can do some of your curls using a weight that is too heavy for a strict movement. So even though you are using your back and shoulders to help "force" the weight up, you are also forcing the biceps muscle to work to the maximum at every point along the movement.

The barbell or dumbbell is harder to lift at the point where your forearms are parallel to the floor than at the beginning of a curl when your arms are pointed more toward the floor. Doing cheat curls, you can use a weight that feels very heavy in the "easy" part of the movement and then cheat a little to get you past the "hard" part where the resistance is too great to overcome using strict technique.

Handling a heavy amount of barbell cheat curls does not help create great biceps shape or give the biceps muscle a high peak, but it certainly is effective as a mass builder. However, cheat curls should be no more than 10 percent of your biceps program. You also need a variety of strict movements to develop the complete quality of the biceps muscle.

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