Biceps - Advanced Program

Biceps - Advanced Program

When you get into advanced training program for biceps muscle, you continue trying to build additional biceps mass, but you must also be concerned with creating separation and shaping the entire biceps structure. If your biceps muscles lacks peak, work on height. If it's not thick enough, make it thick.

Incline dumbbell curls are the best exercise for developing the shape and quality of the biceps and getting an even greater stretch in the muscle. Along with this, the concentration curl can help add biceps height.

As you progress, you will begin to superset your exercises, creating more intensity by cutting down the time interval. We like the idea of supersetting biceps and triceps, which gives an enormous pump to your arms and makes you feel gigantic. Also, you can handle heavier weights for triceps when your biceps muscles are pumped like a pillow, giving you a kind of cushion you can bounce off with each triceps repetition.

Supersetting different muscles is also valuable in preparing you for competition, when you will need to pump your whole body at the same time. If you aren't used to this, you will not be able to show yourself at your best when you step out onstage.

The closer you get to competition, the more you have to be certain that you do enough additional exercises to fully develop every aspect of the biceps muscles. Besides the mass building barbell curls, you need to do more incline curls, which help develop the lower part of the muscle. We often would go even further and actually lie on a flat bench to do dumbbell curls, stretching the biceps muscles even more. You also need additional cable and dumbbell work which allows you to twist your wrist and more fully shape the biceps muscle.

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