Two Arm Standing Cable Row

Two Arm Standing Cable Row

Two Arm Standing Cable Row is a lat-builder which required precise form to keep the delts from doing much of the work. Use a full range of motion for best results. Always think big stretch at the bottom, and pull back as far as you can at the top and contract. Follow these tips to perform two arm standing cable row workout:

  • Stand turned slightly away from the low-cable apparatus; the leg opposite your working arm should be one step in front of the other. Bend your knees and lean slightly forward.

  • Grasp a stirrup cable handle and position your body far enough away from the pulley so that you can completely extend your working arm to stretch the lat.

  • Pull your arm back as far behind you as possible, keeping your elbow close to your body. Focus on making the back contract.

  • Slowly lower the weight, allowing your arm to fully extend to get that extra stretch when doing the two arm standing cable row workout.

  • For added intensity, do drop sets by reducing the weight when you hit momentary muscle failure. Don't rest too long - doing so reduces the intensity.

  • Do a complete set with one arm before working the other.

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