T-Bar Rows

T Bar Rows

T-Bar Rows : To thicken the middle and outer back muscles

1) Standing on a block with your feet close together, knees slightly bent, bend down and grasp the handles of the T-Bar machine with an overhand grip.

2) Straighten your legs slightly and lift up until your body is at about 45-degree angle. Without changing this angle, lift the weight up until it touches your chest, then lower it again to arm's length, keeping the weight off the floor when performing the t bar rows workout.

T-bar rows is an upper back muscle's exercise, you are not supposed to do much lifting with the lower back or legs. If you find you are not able to the t bar rows lift without swaying and lifting up with your back to an excessive degree, you are simply putting too much weight and should take off a plate or two. However, a small amount of movement is inevitable. But be sure to keep your back straight or even slightly arched and never to bend over hunchback fashion, which could result in injury.

By using a narrow grip, T bar rows exercise will work mostly the outer lats because you cannot get the range of motion to fully involve the inner back muscles. However, the limited range of motion of t-bar rows means that you will eventually be able to lift more weight than when doing barbell rows, which makes t bar rows a good power movement to train back muscles.

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