Straight Arm Pull Down

Straight Arm Pull Down

Do the straight arm pull down, which approximates the feel of a straight arm dumbbell pull-over across a flat bench, to really target the lower-lat tie-in. A lot of bodybuilders use too much weight and, as a result, they can't do it with proper form. Bad form does not translate to good results. Follow the following steps to use straight arm pull down as a great exercise to train your back muscle:

  • On a cable pull-down or triceps pressdown apparatus, place your hands about 12 inches apart on a straight bar.

  • Maintain a slight bend in your knees and lean forward about 10-30 degrees at the waist.

  • Extend your arms out in front of you. The angle in your elbows won't change from this position.

  • Establishing the mind-muscle link, press the bar down until your arms are by your sides. Use a controlled movement and squeeze the lats at the point of peak contraction.

  • Allow the bar to slowly rise up higher than your head at the top of the movement when doing the straight arm pull down workout .

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